The Gender Inclusive Human Rights Based Approach (GIHRBA) is a working approach that builds on the foundation of the Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA). The HRBA is a conceptual framework grounded on international human rights standards to guide development work, principally aimed at protecting and promoting human rights for all without discrimination. An understanding and analysis of the root causes of suffering and inequality lie at the core of the approach. HEKS/EPER believes there is “need to analyse the causes of hardships and the necessity, especially as a church-based organization, to address injustice and its root causes” (HEKS/EPER HRBA Implementation Concept, p. 5-6). Discriminatory practices and unjust power relations which hinder development are challenged in order to promote human rights and human dignity. The Gendered approach to the HRBA is the GIHRBA, which acknowledges that gender inequality continues to impede development and therefore development efforts must ensure that gender inequality is eliminated in order to enhance enjoyment of human rights by all.